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No Day But Today!


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[ooc; yes, we know we're late in posting this up, but holidays are a busy time and things have finally settled down just enough to get this thing up. roles were picked and sorted out before characters were dropped, and considering how small a game we are here, all roles could not be filled out. Just consider the blanks as NPCs. Will change pending arrival of other characters if they come in before the end of the production period]

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[ooc: because when one of the many Teaching Fellows / Assistants for a pre-med class takes a bribe for a copy of an exam and the latter gets published, all TFs are temporarily suspended as a precaution. Please assume it's the whole exam :Db]


[ ooc: Yes, that is actually a REAL e-mail for Kakashi, if people wanna contact him. XD I'll post the e-mails I get for whomever wants to get tutored/log/etc~

Late posting to this because, well... that's Kakashi's job. Being late. :3 Thanks for the excuse, Tara. <3 ]

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((Hey guys :D I have uni exams this week and next so I'll be on a semi-hiatus *__*;;; But Hidan and Temari will drop in as much as possible <3

Unless paniking over the Japanese oral exams kills me!!

Also if anyone is actually interested in visiting Hidan at his club I'd love to do a log when I have the free time - even though he will be scaring everyone away D:))
In criminal law a common assault is a crime when the defendant apprehends immediate use of unlawful violence or actually commits a battery Under law, the offence is now defined in section 39 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988.

caused either intentionally or recklessly. A battery is committed when the threatened force actually results in contact to the other and that contact was caused either intentionally or recklessly. This is usually a summary offense but, in some jurisdictions (where s40 Criminal Justice Act 1988 applies), it can be an additional charge on an indictment.

an Anti-Social Behaviour Order is a civil order made against a person who has been shown to have engaged in anti-social behavior. The applicant has to prove in a court of law that the individual has acted in an anti-social manner. That is to say, in a manner that caused or was likely to cause violence, harassmant, alarm or distress, to one or more persons not of the same household as himself: Crime and Disorder Act 1998, s1(a).

On Saturday 19th of April The defendent assaulted the applicant in the 2nd music room of Konoha Campus; Music & Arts department. The attack was unprovoked and possibly not pre-meditated. The attack resulted in a broken nose and a damaged throat which were immediatly treated by an on-campus Doctor. Medical notes are attached as evidence.

The defendent is here-by for 6 months;
(a) Banned from violent physical contact outside of a registered Dojo.
(b) Restricted from the applicants home address and place of work.
(c) Fined ¥102,270 to be payed to the applicant to compensate hospital fees.

The Defendent also recieves another month on probation and an extra counselling session a week.

Failure for the defendent to comply by the order will result in a trial and possible jail sentence.

Your copy of the order will be posted to your address sometime next week Miss Sato, however consider your ASBO orders in place starting now.

Have a nice day~

- Sabaku no Temari.

I told you not to fuck with me.